Coffee With The Queen

Murder by coffee

October 28, 2021

In the final episode of our series on the dark, twisted, and often deadly side of coffee we discuss murder, both successful and attempted. Motives for poisoning people by coffee run the gambit from jealousy to rage over the possibility of a canceled Christmas. We end our discussion with some coffee ghost stories. Highlights from this episode include murder at the hoedown and diabolical babies. Brew your own coffee, pour your own coffee, and keep it close.


Links to most of the topics discussed follow:

‘Coffee Murder’ Case That Gripped Indonesia Ends With a Guilty Verdict


Widower of cyanide coffee victim Wayan Mirna Salihin calls for justice

Berea boy tried to kill grandfather by poisoning coffee creamer, police say

14-year-old Berea boy accused of attempting to kill his grandfather by poisoning coffee creamer

Michigan man who poisoned ex-wife's coffee sentenced to 60 weekend days in jail

Woman, 70, filmed allegedly poisoning husband's coffee with roach killer multiple times

JUSTICE STORY: The California coffee cup murder


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