Coffee With The Queen

About Queen Bean Coffee Company

August 10, 2019

Nicole is the President of Queen Bean Coffee Company. A member of the Mills family, Nicole grew up with coffee. As a child, she often felt like Mills Coffee was a bossy older sibling that killed all her weekend plans and got way too much attention. As an adult, Nicole sees the roasting plant as the spirit of the family. Prior to starting Queen Bean Coffee Company, Nicole worked in corporate America. She holds a BA from NYU and an MPA from Columbia University.

Cindy is Chief Technology Officer at Queen Bean Coffee Company. Cindy spent much of her youth gathered with family around her grandmother's percolator, listening to the fantastical stories only Minnie could tell. Prior to joining Queen Bean Coffee Company, Cindy was a Sr. Scientific Researcher and Programmer for NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies. She holds Bachelor degrees from SUNY Binghamton and NYIT and an MPA from Columbia University. 

Queen Bean Coffee Company, also known as TheQueenBean, is the online retailer for Mills Coffee Roasting Co. Founded in 1860, Mills Coffee is one of the nation's oldest family-run roasters and is presently run by 4th generation Mills', Susan (a.k.a., The Qween Bean) and her brother, David. Throughout its history, the Mills family has focused on private label and wholesale sales, denying many the gift of their marvelous brews. Queen Bean Coffee Company is determined to remedy this! Queen Been Coffee Company was founded in 2017 by Susan's daughter, Nicole. Nicole joined forces with Cindy, a fellow coffee-loving friend and together, they are on a mission to not only share the Mills family beans but to expand and enhance the way consumers experience coffee. To learn more about Queen Bean Coffee Company, please visit our website, To learn more about the topics discussed on our podcast, please visit our blog, Coffee with the Queen


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